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What is CrewCare?

A mobile app originally designed for the first responder industry and as of late, we at ImageTrend recognize that extending the technology available in this app will also benefit healthcare providers. The CrewCare app is available in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Why is CrewCare important?


Bring overall awareness to mental health


Increase self-awareness of your stress load


Improve support offered within the industry

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CrewCare announced as JEMS Hot Product at EMS Today

Jems Hot Product EMS Today 2018

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Using the CrewCare App

  • Quick sections of questions to answer about life’s stressors: daily mood, career, family, finances, sleep, mental health, physical health, and more
  • Informative and easy to interpret results in the palm of your hand
  • The more answers you provide, the more feedback you receive
  • Information gathered from the app will not identify the user to anyone. Data is kept confidential.
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The goal of CrewCare is to provide mental health insight on an individual’s stress load and associated factors. We want to give back to the first responders and healthcare providers that assist our communities in times of need.

It’s not just about being resilient, it’s about thriving.

How To Get Involved

For the Individual User:

  • Download the free app and start participating today
  • Get the word out about CrewCare to your peers

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For the Organization:

Encourage crew members to participate (use the free app) and gain:

  • Anonymous feedback to help identify crew stressors
  • Insights that can inspire positive change

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A department code will be supplied, along with materials to educate and reassure your crews that their personal information remains confidential, while aggregated information can help the department.


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Helpful Resources

1. Newland C., Barber E., Rose M. (2015). Survey Reveals Alarming Rates of EMS Provider Stress and
Thoughts on Suicide. JEMS.




The free mobile app designed for first responders and healthcare providers. A resource to help provide overall mental health awareness. 

Find the App today:

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